Breast Augmentation

img-breastlift1Breast augmentation is a procedure used to increase or restore the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Breasts may be small because of a lack of development or loss of volume following pregnancy or weight loss.

A breast augmentation improves your physical appearance and also your sense of femininity. The implants are placed either beneath the breast in front of the muscle or behind the muscle itself. The exact size of the implant and its projection depends on several factors not only your preference but also the physical appearance of your breasts. For example if your breasts have lost volume or become droopy an implant on its own may not give the best result.

I prefer to use cohesive gel silicone implants as they tend to look and feel more natural, have less visible rippling (or wrinkling) and seem to be less prone to mechanical failure. The surface of the implants are textured and this seems to be important from the point of view of reducing capsule formation. The final decision on implant size and shape is made in consultation with the patient.

The operation is undertaken under a general anaesthetic with the incision being close to the crease underneath the breast. The incision is approximately 6 cm in length. Through this incision a pocket is developed beneath the breast or the muscle and the implant placed in the space created there. I pay a great deal of attention to any bleeding as I believe any blood which accumulates around an implant can lead to ‘hardening’ or capsule formation. I generally use a small surgical drain to remove any fluid that accumulates in the first 24 hours and also to place local anaesthetic around the implant so recovery from the operation is as pain-free as possible. At the end of the operation the incision is closed with a single continuous stitch and covered with a small dressing and on top of this, a comfortable sports bra. The stitch is simply removed 10 days later.