Breast Lift

img-breastlift1A breast lift is designed to correct the shape of a breast that has developed droopiness (called ptosis in medical language). This can occur naturally but commonly it results following pregnancy or weight loss. Breast ptosis correction is a surgical procedure that is designed to restore the breast and nipple to a more “normal” or youthful anatomical position. The technique used depends on several factors, particularly age, the quality of the skin, the degree of volume lost from the breast and the amount of excess skin. During the procedure no or only a small amount of breast tissue is removed to give the best shape. The new and smaller skin envelope is used to lift up and support the breast tissue. In order to tighten the skin and to give a lift to the breast there is a need to remove part of the skin envelope and this inevitably gives rise to scars. In order to lessen their impact they are usually placed around the nipple and underneath the breast.