img-rhinoA rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter the shape, size and dimensions of the nose and to improve the overall balance of the face. The appearance of the nose is greatly influenced by the other features of the face and a detailed analysis is undertaken during the clinical examination. Most operations on the nose do not require a radical change but more a subtle alteration of prominent or deficient areas to give an overall harmonious appearance. Most patients undergoing a rhinoplasy have as their main aim the desire that their nose ‘blends’ with the rest of their face, and a desire not to feel self-concious about it’s appearance in company. A conservative approach to corrective surgery on the nose is the one that is commonly indicated. It is possible to undertake a rhinoplasty either as an ‘open’ and a ‘closed’ procedure depending on the deformity and the desires of the individual patient. A splint is worn for around a week after the operation.