• How much does a consultation cost?

    The cost of a consultation will depend on the complexity of the examination and the length of time it takes. It is generally £120.00 but may be cheaper for more straightforward consultations.

  • When do I meet the surgeon who will be treating and performing any operation?

    The first consultation will be with Richard Milner, who would be the surgeon providing all your later care and undertaking the operative procedures. There may occasionally be other surgeons in training present during the consultation and they will be invited to join us only with your express permission before the consultation starts. They will never undertake any procedure themselves. Whilst they are well qualified trainees and close to their appointment as consultants they are there to learn by observation and do not undertake any treatment.

  • How much do operations cost?

    The operation fee is made up of the clinic fee and so-called hotel charges made up of such things as the provision of the private room and food. There is also the cost of the operating theatre and nurses along with tests or investigations which may be required. The costs are expressed as a fixed package price and will not vary even if additional treatments or medication is required. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

  • Do I need to be referred by my general practitioner?

    Mr Milner strongly supports the view of the General Medical Council that all patients should be referred by their GP or another consultant and you should approach your GP for a referral letter. Your GP is in the best position to give you advice as to what may be appropriate surgery for your problem and to direct you to the most appropriate specialist. He understands that there may be situations, such as knowing your GP socially, where discussing a problem with the GP may be difficult and Mr Milner is prepared to see patients without a direct referral from a general practitioner but will inform your GP of your decision before any operation is undertaken.

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