Newcastle upon Tyne - 14/11/2015

I recently had a breast uplift and implants under the care of Mr Milner as there had been a lot of changes since I had my children.  I am very pleased with the result, the operation went very smoothly and I am looking forward to wearing a bikini on my forthcoming holiday!


Newcastle upon Tyne - 02/09/15

I underwent a breast augmentation under the care of Mr Milner.  I was very self-conscious about my appearance and had been since my early teens.  I am tall and found my appearance embarrassing.  After breast implants I am now very happy with my shape and size and I feel much better in clothes and very much more confident.  I went from a 34B to a 34DD which at 5ft 10in in height is just the right size for me.


Newcastle upon Tyne - 02/09/15

I underwent a mastectomy some years ago but delayed any reconstruction for a variety of reasons, coming to terms with the mastectomy and also having a busy work schedule.  I finally decided to have reconstruction earlier this year and I can only describe the results as fantastic, there is wonderful symmetry between the two breasts and as a bonus the skin which was used to reconstruct the breast has been taken from my tummy and that looks great too!  Very happy!


Gateshead - 18/10/2015

I have always been overweight and despite dieting and exercise I have not made a dramatic difference.  I had an abdominal reduction and liposuction and am really pleased with the results and this has given me more confidence.


Newcastle upon Tyne - 28/11/2015

I have always taken a lot of exercise and I stick religiously to my diet but I couldn’t shift the excess fat on my bottom and my tummy.  I underwent liposuction and the results have been really good.  I am very happy with my appearance.


Northumberland - 21/10/15

For years I have wanted to regain full natural breasts, my fear was the anchor shaped scarring and finding the right surgeon. I visited Mr Milner three years before finally deciding to go ahead. I consulted with two other surgeons but knew he was the surgeon I was fully confident in. I went ahead with the operation in January this year, I was admitted to the private wing at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and was operated on in the afternoon after seeing Mr Milner. The operation took three hours. The next morning I was reviewed prior to discharge. My first reaction was what have I done as my breasts looked really small, however as swelling settled over 10-12 weeks implants seemed to move into the new pockets and changes over these weeks were remarkable. I was reviewed 3-4 times by Mr Milner who answered all my questions at each stage of the healing, settling process.


Newcastle upon Tyne - 09/09/2015

I was really self-conscious over excess fat on my bottom and thighs and found it difficult to find clothes which I looked attractive in. I had liposuction under Mr Milner’s care and everything went very smoothly and the result is really great.


Cleveland - 08/12/15

I have been self-conscious about my breasts which never seem to develop and I had breast implants under Mr Milner’s care. The whole experience was smooth and seamless and the results are fantastic! It makes me look much more feminine and I feel much more self-confident. Thank you.